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Zombie Christmas Songs? Well, Anti-Zombie Ones Maybe

It’s the season for bombarding the world with Christmas music, and for some reason society is always looking for new pop music instead of listening to some of the classics that don’t actively make the listener want to jab a chopstick into their ear, deep into the brain to quiet the noises once and for all.


Add a little of the old media bashing things by labeling them ‘Zombie’ and you have this piece of journalistic malfeasance:

In general, Christmas songs are like zombies: there are so many of them, they are quite difficult to kill, and they are almost all ugly. You can knock them down but they tend to pull themselves right back up again, and resume shambling in your direction. You may need a chainsaw.

This is not to say that there aren’t Christmas songs you wouldn’t mind having around (at this point, I’m not sure the zombie analogy still holds). Here are two new (and one new-ish) albums full of music you won’t feel like decapitating with a shovel.

Groaaaaaaaaaan. That’s not a ‘Zombie’ groan, that’s a ‘Why must there be so many Anti-Zombie bigots out there with buckets of virtual ink to spill?’

One of the albums described actually does feature an Anti-Zombie song, though, and it appears to be very
intolerant indeed:

This is basically one of the most fun seasonal albums ever, with pop-rock winners like Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing), Jesus the Reindeer, and the should-be-a-hit Zombie Christmas (“All the angels singing/ Christmas time has come/ Oh man, you’d better run run run.”)

Why must so many people run in terror from our clients? They’re really quite nice overall. I blame prejudice and smallmindedness.

Particularly in the media. For shame.

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