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Lurch for the Cure Auction Items #4-5

I apologize for not getting these up sooner, but… well, the why isn’t important. I have been negligent in my duties as a Zombie Rights advocate and I apologize.

The next two items come to us from the very personable, and apparently somewhat repentant Mr. Fred Van Lente, who was kind enough to donate a signed copy of both Marvel Zombies 3 and Marvel Zombies 4 in trade paperback form to the auction.

As we get these comics issue-by-issue from Heavy Ink to keep abreast of the latest developments in Zombie Comics, I was pleasantly surprised to see some additional materials packaged in the trades that may require the ZRC to pick up our own copies for future evaluation. We don’t want to break-in these books for fear of losing that new-car smell, or whatever the equivalent for a comic is.

At any rate, here are some pictures to whet the appetite before the auction.

First, the two books together:


The signed interior of Marvel Zombies 3:


Then the signed page for Marvel Zombies 4:


The ZRC wants to publicly thank Mr. Van Lente for his contribution to our upcoming auction, now roughly 8 days away, and for helping to open a dialogue with the Zombie Rights Community. It was an important first step toward a better future.

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