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‘House of the Dead’ 3 and 4 Come to PSN

I’ll admit to having played quite a bit of ‘House of the Dead’ back in the day, particularly ‘House of the Dead 2′. I even own a copy of ‘Typing of the Dead’, a typing tutor game made from ‘House of the Dead’. Yes, they really did that.

Still, in the years since I’ve seen the light, and simultaneously, most arcades have vanished from the face of the Earth (which is sad). The ‘House of the Dead’ series trudged gruesomely onward, and produced a third, then a fourth entry in the ‘We Have a Grudge Against Zombies and Want Your Money’ arcade franchise.

Now those latter two flagship HotD titles will be coming to the Playstation Network, in HD, and with Playstation Move support even:

The game publisher Sega announced on Thursday that it will reissue 2002′s House of the Dead 3 and 2005′s House of the Dead 4 with high-definition graphics on the PLAYSTATION Network for PlayStation 3 consoles. House of the Dead 3 will be available on February 7, and House of the Dead 4 will be available this spring — for the first time on a home console.

For those unfamiliar with the games, you can get a taste of ‘House of the Dead’s surreal take on Anti-Zombie violence and bizarre storytelling from the trailer for HotD 3:

All those poor ‘Mad Science’ Zombies.

For shame, Sega. For shame, Sony.

For shame.

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