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‘Zombie Head’ Decanter? This Is A Bit Weird…

Boing Boing has some issues with Zombie Tolerance, and we’ve taken them to task before. But they also SELL things directly related to the Zombie Community, and we were pointed toward one of the odder ones, and potentially neater ones, recently: a Zombie Head Decanter, suitable for the holding of fine spirits.


Now, I know, technically, this sort of thing can be seen as de-humanizing Zombies by setting them up as being ‘different’ from conventional Living people in unnecessary fashion; Living humans have heads too, after all.

But still, I don’t see anything overtly Anti-Zombie about the decanter. It’s a bit stylized, a bit of a caricature, but it’s not inherently violent or defamatory, and quite frankly, it’s sort of cool to be able to keep your spirits in a Zombie decanter, isn’t it?

We think so. The ZRC is going to go ahead and award at least a provisional Zombie Tolerant rating to this decanter.

Drinking and Zombies! W00t

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