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Boing Boing Again Editorializing Against the Undead, Zombie Family Sticker Edition

Sometimes your so-called journalists just can’t resist a little Zombie bashing as they go about their day. Tragically, quite a few of these prejudiced scribes seem to work at Boing Boing, perhaps inspired by the bad example of Cory Doctorow, who can say.

So when we were linked to a post about some Zombie Family stickers suitable to apply to the back of one’s car, I was not too surprised to see this:

Coincidentally, our pals at GAMAGO just released their terrific Zombie Family Car Stickers! Calvin, zip up your pants and run for your life!

Now, looking at the actual product, I just don’t see why anyone would need to run in fear:

Adorable really.

In fact, the original merchant’s description does even more pandering to vicious Anti-Zombie stereotypes:

The undead family that slays together stays together.

Show your zombie family pride with these shambling, brain hungry stickers.

Yes, because all Zombie families must be involved in the slaughter and consumption of the Living, and all Zombies want to eat your brain. *eyeroll*

Apparently Boing Boing runs with an ugly, Living Supremacist crowd.

Once again, as we have frequently seen, a relatively Zombie Tolerant product is marred by the obvious and intentionally malicious marketing surrounding it. These stickers might have met with ZRC approval, had not the creators made it perfectly clear how little regard they hold for the Differently Animated.

In which case I hope they can get by without the money from Zombie Consumers.

The Zombie Rights Campaign rates these ‘Zombie Family Car Stickers’ as Anti-Zombie.

Pity, I have a back window free and everything.

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