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‘Zombie’ Properties in Staten Island to Attract Hipsters?

We’re on ‘Don’t Use the Zed Word’ watch today here at the ZRC, and here’s another example: ‘Zombie’ Properties, that is to say, real estate developments that fell through during the financial crisis and are now seeing some redevelopment prospects:

‘Zombie’ properties on Staten Island get a life

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The apartment building with its glass balconies and its skyline views at the corner of Richmond Terrace and Nicholas Avenue may look more like a lost opportunity than the promise it once held as part of the North Shore’s rebirth.

Neighborhood residents are hopeful that new ownership means an influx of people who will contribute to the North Shore’s up-and-coming hipster vibe — which finds expression in trendy restaurants, renovated storefronts, a minor league ballpark, a theater that attracts marquis names and a redeveloped home port on its way, all within walking distance of the ferry.

Minor point: I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be ‘marquee’ names. A Marquis is a nobleman, and the Maquis were French resistance fighters in World War II.

Grammar aside, the article makes no mention of Zombies aside from the title and the obvious implication: anything decomposing, but newly thought valuable, is, I dunno, rising from the grave somehow, and therefore like a Zombie.

I don’t really get that. If we extend the idea of Zombiism that far any sort of salvage, resale, used goods or found art is ‘Zombie’ material. Moreover, unlike many cases of Don’t Use the Zed Word, the article itself doesn’t make any Anti-Zombie jibes or jokes. It just lets that title float out there, collecting google interest.

Which I suspect was the point all along. Shame on them.

The actual article is far more about Hipsters and attracting them to an area, presumably because it’s thought that they have lots of disposable income? No offense, Staten Island, but would anyone with a lot of money drink PBR? Just asking.

Meanwhile we still have this largely unZombie article to deal with. Sigh.

Get back to the ZRC when we have, I dunno, a nifty Zombie themed apartment building or something. Ok, Staten Island?


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