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‘Resident Evil’ Gets a Violent Manga Adaptation

And it’s not the first one either, apparently:

This isn’t a Resident Evil first, as RE has already seen manga iterations. This latest one is set in a prestigious Asian institution, located on an isolated island. When there’s a zombie outbreak, Chris Redfield is sent into investigate.

How many isolated laboratories in remote locales ARE there in the RE universe, anyway? It seems like every remote island, village, mountain retreat or hermitage in the Resident Evil/Biohazard world is actually the hideout for nefarious super-scientists making Undead slaves.

Who, by the way, are totally not to blame for any of this. (Poor Zombies)

It’s all very disturbing. Clearly scientific ethics are not at a premium in that world.

That, or the authors are totally running out of ideas. You decide, of course.

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