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Oops, Radio Silence

Sorry gang, got a bit distracted running the ebay Lurch and dealing with some stuff in real life. Nothing to do with roving anti-Zombie mobs; just day-job kinds of things.

We attended a party on Saturday night with some friends not in the Zombie Rights or indie movie community, and had an opportunity to try and spread the Good Word to the masses. It was a challenge, I admit, fair readers: one other guest was extremely excited about the AMC Walking Dead adaptation previously discussed on this very blog, while another had a shirt bearing a drawing of a shotgun with the caption: “Ask Me About My Zombie Plan”.

Distasteful, I know.

Still, we passed out literature and had a couple of very promising conversations, so all was well.

In Zombie Merch news, there was a problem with the run of prints we had done for conventions and so forth, the Zombie Forever ones. Though the first few, including those we sold, seem to have come out ok, as the printer went on through our stack it developed a couple of errors that nearly drove me to distraction. The printer was super nice about it though, reprinted the whole run at no cost. They’re delightful people.

I’ve got a stack of reviews to do here now that I’m back in front of the scanner, so that will help fill the long, lonely nights on the internet shortly.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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