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‘Zombies, Run!’ Released and The Guardian Fearmongers About Our Clients

We previously reported on the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Zombies, Run!’ here on the ZRC blog, but the app is out for download /purchase now, and The Guardian has a typically insensitive and cruel review up:

It may seem odd that running is required to escape “the walking dead”, but an engaging story provides a better reason than most to hit the road – until of course the zombies actually rise and provide some truly deadly motivation.

Yes, the interactive Anti-Zombie experience is all the rage these days, and there’s money to be made peddling real life terror to Zombiephobes who find the mundane, peaceful co-existence thing so much less entertaining than violent fantasies.

But did The Guardian have to indulge these sad, sad people? We don’t think so.

For shame.

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