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Texas Tech Has ‘Humans vs Zombies’ Problem

Naturally the ZRC disagrees with a great deal about the ‘Humans vs Zombies’ nerf game of tag that’s sweeping college campuses across the nation, starting with the title, which clearly promotes the nonsensical idea that Zombies are not people.

Which, clearly, they are.

Worse, it fosters an antagonistic, Anti-Undead attitude and a sort of unpleasant Living tribalism, whereby being alive makes you a ‘winner’ and being a Zombie, obviously, a loser:

“We go to class and go through our normal day and try to avoid becoming a zombie,” Lewis said.

Every night the humans get together for missions to stop the zombies. Sometimes throughout the day they have mini missions such as escorting another human to class.

“The ultimate reason for playing the game is to have fun and survive. The winners get to say we win, we’re awesome,” Lewis said.

And as always, the impact of such a game on current or prospective Zombie students of Texas Tech is neither mentioned or examined. Talk about creating a hostile environment for learning!

Zombies being made unwelcome at our institutions of higher learning? Now that really is tragic. For shame.

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