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Review of Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #11-12

Deadpool Merc with a Mouth has been the high point of Zombie comics, at least Marvel ones, for some time for the ZRC, so it was sad to learn in these issues that the series would end/has ended at #13.

Merc, we hardly knew ye. More behind the cut.

So what do these issues have in store for Zombie Rights enthusiasts? Lots, as it turns out. Deadpool, Z-Pool and Dr. Betty continue their quest to escape the Zombieverse and get back home through the mystical portal, only to find that a blimp isn’t exactly the least conspicuous or fastest craft to travel down the East Coast on.


So they’re quickly waylaid by a superpowered duo of zombies trying to do the usual ‘smash, devour’ thing, and while Deadpool is distracted dealing with the pyromaniacal half of the team, Z-pool has to save the day, with an impassioned speech exhorting his icy counterpart not to succumb to the stereotypical desire to eat people, and instead stay strong, stay on the wagon and rejoin society at large:


It is exactly this sort of forward thinking, positive depiction of Zombiedom that earned Zombie Deadpool and the comic he resides within a nomination for Zombie of the Year in 2009. This is one of the most eloquent things ever said about the universal struggle found not just within Zombies, but within all people, to do the right thing even when the wrong thing is so easy and so tempting.

After resolving this conflict with, unfortunately, violence rather than diplomacy, Issue 12 sees Deadpool forced to deal with a now-Undead version of his one-night-stand Professor Veronica, who sadly doesn’t possess Zombie Deadpool’s strength of character. After doing so, and obtaining a one-shot cure for involuntary zombification (which the ZRC opposes, of course, while thoroughly embracing Zombies in general), Deadpool and gang make way to Florida with a news copter (echoing and parodying Dawn of the Dead, naturally). They take pity upon the last AIM stragglers following them and give the super-science villains a ride, which turns out to be a bad idea when they steal both Z-Pool and the aircraft via base treachery.. which leaves Zombie Deadpool to save the day, at what may turn out to be terrible personal cost.


To lighten the ominous mood from that last comment, our graphical taste test of Issue 12 shows Z-Pool discussing the utility of Zombies with Bill the flunky; why aren’t Zombies prominent physical strengths put to more benevolent use by science, ala the Zombie Juices in Skin Horse? Why must it always be bioweapons?

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