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Capcom Still Porting Older ‘Resident Evil’ Games to New Systems

Apparently Capcom is still on the Quest for More Anti-Zombie Money, porting and slightly updating old ‘Resident Evil’ titles for newer consoles:

CAPCOM unveiled “The Chronicle of a Biohazard,” a weekly look back at the history of the Resident Evil (Biohazard) game franchise before the June 28 release of the Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection anthology in Japan.

I’ve actually played one of the games that makes up Chronciles HD on the Wii ages ago, and it has some interesting story content about Wesker, a.. somewhat Differently Animated individual/antihero. Honestly, he comes off, at least in the first Wii game that makes up this new compilation, as more appealing than most of the supposed heroes/gun-toting Zombie haters.

Food for thought. Given that so much of the games are obviously already in English I bet we see this compilation in the West eventually.

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