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Shoot With Actual Guns at ‘Zombies’ for Entertainment?

The talented and vigilant Michelle Hartz forwarded us this disturbing story from Ohio, which the ZRC visited just this spring and clearly need to patrol a bit more often:

The Shoot Extreme gun range in West Chester, Ohio, is drawing crowds with so-called Zombie Hunts, where customers can take down flesh-eating imposters.

Shoot Extreme provides pistols, shotguns and rifles that have been converted to fire Simunition, a nonlethal, ballistically realistic training ammunition that the military and police use to close-range simulation.
The Zombie Hunts have attracted experienced shooters as well as novices and even families.
“The first one comes up behind you and kind of scares you,” said Brent Garland, who tried out the range for the first time. “I took two bullets on that one, and the rest came down pretty easy. It’s pretty fun.”

Now this, obviously, is just heinous. Actual guns, fortunately converted to fire non-lethal, but still; they’re using actual guns to train the public in shooting at Zombies in a ghastly sort of Living Supremacist haunted house. I really don’t know what gets into these people.

On another note, I have doubts this is actually safe. If you go to the manufacturer’s site for Simunition, you’ll note that they consider the use of face, neck and groin protectors *mandatory* for the safe use of their products. Do the Zombies, or more likely, actors playing Zombies, really lurch out at the guests wearing a full face mask and some sort of armored neck warmer?

At least guns that fire Simunition have to be refitted with special parts, which reduces the chance of accidentally loading live ammunition. Still, the risk of someone shooting their eye out seems relatively high.

The risk of inflaming Anti-Zombie prejudice? Almost certain.

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One Response to “Shoot With Actual Guns at ‘Zombies’ for Entertainment?”

  1. Wow, you’re calling me talented now? I’m honored!

    But really, credit for finding this goes to my friend Audrey who initially passed it on to me. My attempts to open the eyes of the people around me to the plight of zombies must be working!

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