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Zombies as ‘Terror’ Threat

I guess it was inevitable that Zombies would face demonization (no offense to demons) in the pursuit of lucrative War on Terror dollars but this is still just a bit sad:

SAN DIEGO — Forget the H1N1 pandemic. Could a future crisis arise from an outbreak of viruses that destroy brain cells and render people violently catatonic, like zombies?

The far-fetched scenario of a government grappling a zombielike threat has captured the attention and imagination of Brad Barker, president of the security firm HALO Corp. Next month, his outfit will incorporate — no kidding — zombies into a disaster-crisis scenario at the company’s annual counterterrorism summit in San Diego, a five-day event providing hands-on training, realistic demonstrations, lectures and classes geared to more than 1,000 military personnel, law enforcement officials, medical experts, and state and federal government workers.

A disaster in the making, no pun intended. If society trains its cops, soldiers and first responders to fear Zombies, how can we possibly expect to get out of the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ with a peaceful solution?

Some people just don’t believe in happy endings. And for every willing customer looking to feed their fear of the innocent Undead there will be some shady operating happy to take cash in return.

Again, a sad state of affairs.

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