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‘Zombinista’ Promotes Stylish Intolerance

We have rivals on the internet, fighting for the hearts and minds of the public vis a vis the Differently Animated. The ZRC expected this, and our traditional nemeses like the Zombie Research Society are well known and understood.

But I have to admit to being blindsided by the idea of an Anti-Zombie Style blog.

A zombie invasion is inevitable. This is a fact. When the zombies attack, there will be chaos, confusion, mayhem and havoc in the streets. People will be focused on survival as well as ridding the world of these blights on society. While these activities are important, a person has to keep their mental state in mind as well. Why can’t a girl (or guy), still be fabulous while killing zombies or trying to find a cure that will rid the world of these monsters? There are many guides out there on how to survive when the zombies show up, but this is a guide on how to not only survive, but to survive in style.

Et Tu, Zombinista? ‘blights on society’? ‘monsters’? Words can hurt, we assure you, even if a particular Zombie no longer feels physical pain!

It’s a true horrorshow over at Zombinista, from posts on the best boots to stomp Zombies (ugh) to corsets as fashionable body-armor (weird). They even have their own catchy theme music (courtesy of John Anealio) to promote hatred, which is novel, if unpleasant.

Naturally, we disapprove of Living Supremacism, no matter how ‘stylish’ it might be, here at the Zombie Rights Campaign. Maybe we’re not ‘hip’, but tolerance? Tolerance goes with anything.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


2 Responses to “‘Zombinista’ Promotes Stylish Intolerance”

  1. This makes me wish I had the time to start a pro-zombie fashion blog.

  2. John Sears says:

    Of course you have the time! Don’t give up!

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