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Anti-Zombie Genocide Simulation in Progress In Nebraska

ZRC Correspondent and Pro-Zombie artist George Pfau brought us a hot tip about this bizarre (but given World War Z’s imminent release, likely to become less unusual) simulation of the Anti-Zombie end times being conducted in Nebraska, err, right now:

Among the sturdy berms of Nebraska soil piled high at Heartland Public Shooting Park, those who remain alive are hunkered down. Armed with pistols, rifles and shotguns…this is where humanity will make it’s final bid for survival.

During the long nights, the Zombie horde moves ever closer.

During the long days, the last remnants of humanity prepare their defense.

The final battle between the still-living and the undead is drawing near.

As darkness ebbs on the Cornhusker State, will you stand with us, against the hordes of flesh eaters that are mobilizing on our borders…

To be clear in case any of our readers haven’t been out in the last few days (it happens), there is NO ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ currently ongoing. Nor should one be expected; that’s just Living Supremacist. However there is an active simulation of said apocalypse going on, and guns are involved, so we suggest that Zombies in the Nebraska area take special caution for the time being.

There’s no sense in becoming a tragic statistic.

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