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Random Anti-Zombie Prejudice: Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Part II

Here at the ZRC, we like to take occasional breaks from reviewing Anti-Zombie media. As previously mentioned, we’ve been steady players of the Bioshock series for a few years now (despite the potential Zombie-adjacent nature of some of its ‘Splicer’ adversaries), but the latest full-length game in the series seemed to move firmly away from potential Undead prejudice so all was good, right?

Well, the second (and last) DLC package for Bioshock: Infinite came out recently, and during our playthrough we discovered more than a hint of Zombie-bashing:

Really? The Zombie Rights Campaign understands the potential risk and drawbacks of Necromancy better than most, but we also believe lots of people might want a slightly moldy puppy! Zombie puppies are cute. It’s a known fact.

This is where I’d say, ‘For Shame, Irrational Games’, but they’re sort of out of business now, so…

Wherever you guys end up, try to do better by the Zombies next time, ok?

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