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ZRC Review: Frontera Cilantro Green Olive Salsa

Bear with us on this one for a moment.

Why is the ZRC reviewing a salsa, you might ask? Well, we’re always on the lookout for new Zombie, or Zombie-related, products, and like it or not, Zombie culture is being used to market a bewildering variety of things today in our capitalist society.

Apparently including salsa. Hence this review.

See, it’s a GREEN salsa, with a Frankenstinian (more ZC term for ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’) as mascot. Starting to feel a bit more Zombie after all.

As you can see, the jar’s ad copy does use the word ‘Monster’, but in a fairly positive way. Frontera seems to think that Zombies or other ‘monsters’ are still the sort of people you could have a good time and share some chips with.

Which is encouraging.

As for the salsa itself, well, it’s not bad. Very mild, very big on the olive flavor. Something for anyone, unless they hate green olives.

The ZRC rates this salsa as Zombie Friendly.

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