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Dr. McNinja Returns to Zombie Bashing

It’s a shame when popular media properties turn to bashing Zombies as a way to boost ratings, or in this case pageviews, but it’s a phenomenon we here at the ZRC see all the time.

Unlike your rare game, movie or novel that splashes in Zombie elements in an enlightened manner, discussing the plight of the Differently Animated with sensitivity and kindness (Fallout 3 for example), most of the time you’re left wondering just what Zombies ever did to deserve the abuse.

In this latest case, Dr. McNinja is revisiting its ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ as part of the backstory for a new arc concerning the town’s time-traveling, anti-Zombie mayor (who was once the subject of an incredibly offensive t-shirt design). The mayor got elected in part on a platform of preparedness for the Zombie Apocalypse; it turns out, now, that the reason for his apparent foresight is that, in fact, he traveled back from a future where Zombies had overrun the Earth.

I won’t bring up the physics that demonstrates the implausibility of averting your future by changing your past; ok, maybe just a little.

This comic features superpowered ninjas, so physics went out the window a long time ago, but did it also have to dispense with compassion? Zombies are people too, and ignoring their wants and needs, their essential humanity, then defaming them when they stand up for their rights, lamenting it as Armageddon, how is that fair? How often must the Undead turn the other cheek?

For shame, Dr. McNinja, for shame.

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