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ZRC Review – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Episode 1

For a different, and yet all too similar, tale of Anti-Zombie prejudice, we turn to the latest high profile anime series featuring the Undead, ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’, which is available streaming on Amazon Prime.

For some background on Kabaneri from a non-Zombie Rights perspective (if you need that), the ZRC would suggest going here.

Essentially, 20 years ago before the current story, Hinomoto was ‘overrun’ by the Kabane, a race of Undead who are nearly impervious to conventional weaponry. We don’t know the details of this conflict or who is *actually* to blame, but the Living population retreated to walled cities they refer to as ‘stations’, connected by rail routes patrolled by very large, armored trains.


In the opening episode we see that the Kabane are beginning to breach these cities, and the Living society’s government is both corrupt and ineffectual, as one expects in this sort of fiction.

But the trains roll on, without regard to the Undead in their path, which just might have something to do with the conflict, we think!


The main series protagonist is introduced as well: an engineer with a burning desire to create a steam weapon which actually can harm the Kabane. Obsessive, even. Hardly a role model.


Since this new show is from the director of ‘Attack on Titan’, by the end of the episode we have walls collapsing, invasions galore, and a protagonist soaked in blood and rage. So, at least in the alleged Zombie Apocalypse, SOME things remain constant.

The ZRC expects further Anti-Zombie violence, exclusionary practices, and copious steampunk in future episodes.

For shame. The ZRC for one cannot support any mass transit that bans the Differently Animated.


Let the Zombies onboard, we say!

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