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ZRC Review – Fear the Walking Dead Episode 8, ‘Grotesque

Greetings from the ZRC blog! We’re going to start doing somewhat shorter, more to the point reviews, trying to keep things moving along here on the blog. It should help us in coping with the whole ‘unending tide of anti-Zombie prejudice’ thing.

After a short hiatus, Fear the Walking Dead has returned. But did it *learn* anything?


Episode 8 is the mid-season premiere of FTWD, and it’s a solid ‘Nick’ episode. So, essentially, it’s a long flashback about drug use that features relatively few Zombies, as Nick wanders north, at times using/abusing a crowd of perfectly peaceful Zombies for cover.

Allegedly we were supposed to learn about Nick’s dark past this time around, but mostly we learn that…. he had a serious drug problem and an estranged family. Also, there’s a bit of backstory filled in on the woman who becomes the Zombie he woke up next to in the first episodes.

At the end of the episode Nick reaches ‘civilization’, ie, another group of anti-Zombie survivors, and the show marches grimly on.

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