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ZRC Review – Fear the Walking Dead Episode 10, ‘Do Not Disturb

Another week, another extensive backfill/backstory episode, this time covering new character Elena.


More below.

Elena, you see, managed the hotel our characters have just usurped, before the, ahem, Global Reanimation Block Party.

Elena is a ‘complicated’ Kirkman survivor character. I.e., at the first sign of difficulties, she threw everyone other than her blood relatives under the bus, got a lot of people killed, and now occasionally feels bad about it.

We’ve seen this writing pattern before.

Elena now fights over the hotel with a group of survivors who she largely got Zombified (which is not inherently a bad thing!) until our cast arrived. Elena and Alicia meet up, and as an end of episode twist, stumble upon Strand and Madison, who survived (very predictably) the seemingly inescapable Zombie revolt at the bar at the end of the last episode.

As, frankly, everyone knew they would.

Meanwhile, Travis and Chris are back; ‘Hooray’, said absolutely no one on Earth to discover Chris is back.

They fall in with a gang of obnoxiously stereotyped American ‘bros’, and Chris quickly becomes even more annoying.

Then they rob a farmer at gunpoint, it goes south, and Chris murders him.

Hooray for Living people?

Next week, our cast sets to their creator-given task of mucking all this up even worse than it already is. Stay tuned!

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