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ZRC Review – Fear the Walking Dead Episode 12, ‘Pillar of Salt’

Another week, another Fear the Walking Dead episode to affirm your faith in… err… hmm.

This week!

A family of survivors flees the Tijuana cult compound and is immediately captured by the drug addicted gang Nick has been exploiting, who want to locate their source.


Our heroes are always so good for the people around them.

More below the cut, including spoilers about characters you allegedly care about.

Strand is stabbed by the TV Crazy mother of the family Elena got killed, and so Madison has to go get supplies in, you guessed it, Tijuana, but, you guessed it, does *not* see her son, missing him because the leader of the cult has temporarily banned leaving the compound, even to deliver drugs to the heavily armed lunatics they got hooked on oxy.

Yeah, that’ll end well.

So when Madison gets back to the hotel, frustrated, she uses some of their scarce power to turn on its giant building signs, in the hope that… Nick… or someone might see it.

And of course, someone does. But who? Tune in next week!

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