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ZRC Review – Dead Set Episode 2

Episode 2 opens with Kelly’s boyfriend Riq being thrust into the alleged Zombie apocalypse (the ZRC strongly disputes this traditional framing).

Also, dealing with mass transit during a significant social upheaval.

More below the cut.

(Your semi-compulsory Staring Down from a Rooftop scene in the Zombie Apocalypse)

Riq, for his part, runs from the first sight of a Differently Animated citizen, which seems remarkably prejudiced. Then he takes over a local gas station and excludes the Undead population, which is really unfair; how can people be so hard on Zombies for being hungry and then deny them access to snacks? Honestly.

Incredibly insufferable producer Patrick and nearly-as-insufferable cast member Pippa are locked together in a green room, which could be a metaphor for something. But honestly, their scenes just make you wish you were watching something else.


Since one of the cast members was bitten during the unpleasantness the night before, several of the housemates formulate a plan to get medical supplies to treat her, leading to stealing a van and heading off to the supermarket down the street.


And of course, the local Undead population continues to be excluded from the compound. Very divisive.

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