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ZRC Review – Dead Set Episode 4

Is reality television good for you? Can it even get you killed?


Episode 4 of ‘Dead Set’ finds the now-unified Living survivors at the Big Brother compound confronting the reality that an ever-larger number of Zombies would like very much to visit the studio.


Unfortunately, this desire is not met with a spirit of cooperation and togetherness.

Meanwhile, Riq and Alex set off to reach the studio themselves, based on the broadcast Riq saw proving Kelly was still alive.

Unfortunately, Alex has a violent altercation with a Zombie landowner while they are boating up the river, and Riq kills her to prevent her Zombie reanimation.

Which is really quite intolerant.

Patrick, being ever-unpleasant, gleefully begins dismembering the body of one of the former castmate, former Zombies in the Big Brother House, intending to use them as chum of a sort to lure the hungry Zombies out of the way so he can escape the area in a van.

Finally, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, as Riq faces being mistaken for one of the Undead and shot by a Big Brother housemate.


All in all a fairly shameful parade of distasteful Anti-Zombie behavior.

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