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Fear the Walking Dead – Season 3 Thoughts

Now that the third season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 3 is over, the ZRC has been giving some thoughts to this spinoff.

Naturally, we are still opposed.

From the title on down, it is still hardly a nuanced portrayal of the Differently Animated, even as Season 3 proved determined to delve into complicated issues of historical grievance, water rights and survival in a desperate natural environment. One wonders why the Living characters, and the writers for that matter, need an Undead enemy for their show.

And the simple reason seems to be: prejudice. Ignorance. Sensationalism.

But the show’s creators seem to be wiping the slate clean too, along with much of the fictional landscape, before a presumed Season 4. Maybe we will get a fresh portrayal of the Undead as well?

Probably not. But it couldn’t hurt.

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