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Resident Evil on Cell Phones

This is just a quick post to note something that came across the ZRC desk recently while doing research for the Resident Evil pamphlet: Resident Evil has arrived on cell-phones in Japan.

Capcom created a new Resident Evil game just for mobile phones. But, Biohazard: Survival Door is quite different from other Resident Evil games. This game is based on chance. You’re in a mansion and have to open doors by pressing 1, 2, or 3 on your phone. Zombies or other monsters may be lurking behind and you can shoot them by pushing keys, according to a screenshot.

This isn’t much of a ‘game’; it’s more akin to gambling, but without prizes. It also costs money:

Like many mobile games in Japan, Biohazard: Survival Door has a monthly fee. Capcom set this game at 315 yen ($3.50) per month. That’s the same price as the mobile phone version of Mega Man X3.

I can only assume that Capcom thinks that, after almost 15 years of peddling Zombie bashing to the masses, it has cultivated a population of Zombie haters so addicted to their virtual massacres that they’ll shell out money on a monthly basis just so they can fill the time going to and from work/school/what not with additional splattery mayhem.

A despicable thought, but I wouldn’t wager against it, myself.

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