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Camera Salvage

Having lost the treasured ZRC camera got me to looking through the files still remaining on its flash card and I remembered a couple of videos I took at the RE: Afterlife event, so I’m putting those up here in lieu of much bloggery today. Short story is, I cleaned out the storage room we rented before the ZRC moved to this lovely secret suburban location, and it took all day. Wow my back aches.

Videos below the cut.

This video is a general walk around the event, with Zombies and humans getting done up as Zombies milling about. Just a general intro piece.

This is footage we caught of a demonstration, in a staged, WWE sort of fashion, of Anti-Zombie martial arts techniques being taught at a Chicago area studio. Essentially this school (of hate) assumes that Zombies will run directly up to a human with their arms flailing, one at a time. Classical Zombie characteristics of heightened strength or resistance to damage, found in many varieties of the Differently Animated, are not on display here. Having watched the demo, I was unconvinced that, even if Zombies were the drooling savages found in Romero flicks, that these moves would be any good against them. In fact, given the whole ‘Zombie Bite’ thing, getting hands-on with your fictional zombies seems like a bad idea in general.

Of course, if Zombies are just fellow human beings trying to go about their day, then you’d be cruelly abusing your fellow citizens. I guess if you stand in the middle of a set of gym mats and throw anyone who wanders close by, you’re a jerk, but not a hugely menacing one, your jerky behavior being conveniently confined to that small square footage of real estate.

I hope this tides people over a bit.

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