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Store Update: Zombies Forever Prints Now Available Online!

I know we’d mentioned the ‘Zombies Forever’ prints we had produced for conventions this summer, and some of you out there may have been wondering when they would be available for sale online.

Well, the answer is: Now.

Before we could sell them on the internet, we had to arrange for packaging supplies, figure out shipping costs and the like, and we’ve been redoing our office-cum-warehouse space to make it easier to run the store as well, so things got a bit sidetracked until the other day when I realized, “Hey — why aren’t we selling Zombies Forever prints on the Z-store?”

Thusly, it had to come to pass. We had already ordered shipping tubes from U-line, so all that was really left to do was ship a prototype package to see what needed to be done and what the rates would be, and I did that a couple of days ago, so last night the Technical Director set up the new ordering information on the store page.

About the pricing:

If you want to buy a single poster, it’s five dollars, which includes all shipping costs, sales tax in Wisconsin and Indiana, the cost of printing the posters *and* a 1 dollar donation to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation as part of The Lurch for the Cure. If you have already purchased a single poster and its commensurate shipping, you have the option of purchasing additional posters to ship in the same tube (up to 5), for only 3 dollars a piece; 1 dollar still goes to Lynn Sage for each poster sold.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel good about taking a stand in favor of Zombies and against Sparkly Vampires?

Posters are shipped in sturdy Uline poster tubes that are thick enough for whacking your enemies on the head and sent via USPS First Class, so they should arrive quite quickly and be ready to place upon your wall/cubicle/door to inform the world that your tolerance for glittery child-stalking blood suckers is at an end.

It’s an important message, and it raises money for cancer research, so please feel free to plaster them all over.

Even if you don’t buy a poster, you can help spread the message with the free Zombies Forever desktops, as always.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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