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ZRC Reviews: Zombie Boyfriend Music Video

Via the Horror Society the ZRC has learned about a new, award winning indie song about Zombies:

The winners of the 2010 Davey Awards have been announced by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. “Zombie Boyfriend,” a music video produced by Brooklyn Girl Productions and directed by Jenine Mayring for indie artist Emii, won a Silver Davey Award.

If you just listen to the song on youtube or read the lyrics at the artist’s site, you might get the impression that, while not an entirely flattering portrayal of Zombiekind, Zombie Boyfriend is at least not a particularly Anti-Zombie song. I was leaning toward a Zombie Tolerant rating… until I saw the official and now award winning video.

Uggh. This is reminiscent of nothing so much as that awful Mega64 thing I wrote about some time back; here we have the ‘People playing videogames until they become Zombies’ trope repeated yet again. Such an.. ‘original’ thought, isn’t it?

Needless to say, of course, playing a videogame does not transform anyone into a Zombie, anymore than any other obsessive behavior, and comparing Zombies to solipsistic obsessive game players is insulting to the Zombies as well. Whats next? Reading too many books makes you Asian, or being too athletic could transform you into an African-American?

Where does it end?

The ZRC has to give this video our second-worst rating as a result of its blatant pandering. Thusly, the video for ‘Zombie Boyfriend’ receives the Anti-Zombie mark of shame, and, assuming it reflects the artist’s feelings when writing and singing the original song, so does the song itself.

Why can't we get more Pro-Zombie videos I wonder?

For shame.

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