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Last Batch of Dark Carnival Photos

Kind of forgot about these, oops. Some good stuff in here too.

First, you can see the whole set of new DC photos here as a subset of our flickr page.

These shots show some of our work papering the legal advertising spaces on Kirkwood in Bloomington with our flyers and literature:



Would you trust the creature seen below to perform delicate surgery? If so I will refer you to him for a nominal donation to the ZRC.


And speaking of ill-advised surgeries:


One of the best things about The Dark Carnival is its emphasis on independent filmmakers. In our previous set I posted a picture of Patrick Rea talking about filmmaking on a panel at the DC; here you can see Joe Bob Briggs interviewing the creator behind Planting Season, Slater Jewell-Kemker:


A photo from the closing ceremonies:


Finally, we saw this hilarious ad on the way home and just had to share it. No, it has nothing to do with the festival per se, but man:


If I’m summarizing the message correctly, it seems to be saying ‘Family/Children or Meth?’

Now, why is that an either/or question? Aren’t they all delicious?

Why can’t you have your meth alongside your family? Say, as dessert?

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