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Dead Rising 2: Case West?

Capcom is just determined to get on the ZRC’s bad side lately. I mean, it’s not bad enough that three separate Zombie slaughtering characters from Resident Evil are going to be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or that they may be about to announce a new Resident Evil game; they’ve got to do more harm to the Differently Animated.

Today’s offense against reason and decency is the announcement of yet-another Xbox exclusive Dead Rising 2 spinoff, which may be coming out in time for the holidays, and features the return of snarky slaughter machine Frank West from the first Dead Rising:

Fans of fictional, war-covering photojournalists rejoice, for Capcom has announced that the Xbox exclusive Dead Rising 2: Case West is slated to arrive “next month.” As of this writing, it’s just barely still November, so it would seem Frank West will return to Dead Rising in time for Christmas.

Capcom deserves a giant lump of coal in their corporate stocking.

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