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‘Romero’s Plumbing and Zombie Control’ Shirt: Offensive

| May 6, 2011

Short but bitter and to the point: In an alternate world Romero didn’t just make films based around a vision he saw. He wasn’t that crazy filmmaker that made movies about people who came back to life, he was the premiere zombie killer! Unfortunately when he killed off most of the outbreak he had to [...]

‘Only You Can Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse’ Shirt Raises Hatred, More Questions than Answers

| May 1, 2011

Sometimes when you’re looking at a Zombie bashing product for a review, the prevailing thought isn’t just why anyone would be so bigoted and hateful toward the Undead minority, but some smaller, less consequential detail that completely unravels the internal ‘logic’ of said product, leaving you hard-pressed to focus on the important issues. TV Tropes [...]