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The Zombie Rights Campaign Visits the Last Dark Carnival Film Festival

| October 2, 2015

With somewhat heavy hearts, the Zombie Rights Campaign paid our visit to the last Dark Carnival/Diabolique International Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana last weekend, to see if the horror film world had made any progress toward greater Undead Acceptance. We were pleasantly surprised by a few of the films on offer, and of course, grossly [...]

Dark Carnival Memories, 2007-2015

| September 24, 2015

The Zombie Rights Campaign has been attending the Dark Carnival (and, for the last couple of years, Diabolique International) Film Festival since before there was a Zombie Rights Campaign as such. Founded in 2007, Dark Carnival/Diabolique has been bringing horror movies of all varieties, including many Zombie films, to southern Indiana for 8 glorious, messy [...]

ZRC Review – ‘Doomsday Book’

| September 15, 2014

Today the ZRC would like to talk about ‘Doomsday Book’, a 2012 film from South Korea about the Zombie Apocalypse. (Warning: The Wikipedia link is, as is common with wikipedia pages about movies, rife with spoilers.) More behind the cut.

ZRC Review: ‘Nightmare at Noon’ (Rifftrax Edition)

| August 15, 2014

The ZRC recently reviewed ‘Mutant’, a very 80s, very bad, very Anti-Zombie film starring Wings Hauser which was re-released with a humorous commentary track by the guys at Rifftrax. You might think, having made one awful, slightly unusual Zombie film in the late 80s, Mr. Hauser would have been content. But apparently there was appetite [...]

ZRC Review: ‘Mutant’ (Rifftrax Edition)

| June 3, 2014

The Zombie Rights Campaign is getting back into reviewing Zombie (or more generally, Anti-Zombie) media products this summer, and first up is the 1984, ahem, classic ‘Mutant’ starring Wings Hauser and Bo Hopkins.

ZRC Public Appearance Announcement: Dark Carnival/Diabolique Film Festival

| February 1, 2014

The Zombie Rights Campaign will be making our annual pilgrimage back to Southern Indiana this year for a trip to the Dark Carnival Film Festival! Well, not quite; they’ve had an upgrade and a name change. Now it’s the ‘Diabolique’ Film Festival. But we still anticipate a slate of engaging and challenging, occasionally heartwarming (if [...]

Zombie Learning Satirized? We Do Not Approve.

| January 9, 2014

It is a well-known fact among Zombie Rights Activists, though not in the general population, that Zombies of all stripes are generally capable of learning, even if they are (temporarily, we hope) impaired by the death-Undeath transition. It has been a staple of George Romero’s work for decades; John Russo agreed, in Return of the [...]

Rifftrax Live: Night of the Living Dead Review

| October 28, 2013

Last Thursday night, the Rifftrax gang (who we have had previous disagreements with, see our Plan 9 From Outer Space review) hosted a screening of the classic, and unfortunately Anti-Zombie film, ‘Night of the Living Dead’. And of course, they made fun of it. (har-har. But it *could* be viewed as a Rifftrax fan mocking [...]

Busy Season for the Zombie Rights Campaign

| October 19, 2013

Zombies Allies: we hope the autumn season finds you well. The leaves are colorful, the air is crisp, and there’s a little holiday coming up, I forget the name. Hallo-something or other. I jest, of course; this is the most Zombie Time of the Year after all! Next weekend the Zombie Rights Campaign will be [...]

Bob the Angry Flower Blames the Victim On World War Z

| October 12, 2013

The Zombie Rights Campaign wasn’t hugely enamored with World War Z. It had many issues, both cinematic and Civil Rights in nature. But it’s hard not to view this Bob the Angry Flower comic as blaming the CG Zombies for the failures of the film. We cannot agree with that. BTAF has had some issues [...]