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‘Zombie Ninja Pirates’ Game Presents Zombification as Way to Win

This review from Wired of a new card game featuring Zombies makes it sound quite interesting:

Overview: Zombie Ninja Pirates is a bizarre little card game in which you try to become zombies, ninjas, pirates and mad scientists while collecting objects that will award you points. It’s published by Gozer Games, a small game company that recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for their next game, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Fairies.

Yes, that’s right, one way to play the game is to try and become a Zombie, voluntarily. Zombification for the Win, as it were.

Of course you’re also free to become other things, like Ninjas or pirates, but honestly, that sounds far less entertaining.

On the whole, Wired makes it sound like the game has both Zombie Rights potential and a few problematic gameplay elements. We can’t judge the Zombie Friendliness second-hand, as Undead Equality is clearly not a priority for Wired’s reviewer (I wonder why). It might come down in the end to the flavor text and artwork on the cards. Still, letting players opt to become a Zombie as a proactive strategy to score points and win a game, instead of merely gunning down virtual Zombies ala just about anything from Capcom, or fighting the Undead like in many tabletop games?

Very promising indeed.

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2 Responses to “‘Zombie Ninja Pirates’ Game Presents Zombification as Way to Win”

  1. Gozer Games says:

    Hi there! Thanks for posting your article about our game, Zombie Ninja Pirates. In this game, you do indeed get to become a Zombie, and play cards such as “Constant Moaning” which is good for Zombies, but bad for Ninjas.

    If you would like more information about the game, or to talk further, I encourage you to please contact me via email. Thanks!

  2. John Sears says:

    We may do just that, or simply purchase a copy and try it for ourselves for a review. I for one would enjoy beating up some ninja.

    And thank *you* for dropping by, it’s always nice to hear from people making Zombie-accessible products.

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