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ZRC Reviews: ‘The Zombie’ Short Film: Sad and Stereotyped at Same Time

This one is short, so I kind of hesitated to give it a review, but I did review Rise of the Living Corpse, which is about forty seconds long, so I think the precedent was set months ago on the minimum length for a film to review., which hosts the film, describes it this way:

The Zombie: Nov ’06

A little scene with a Zombie. He’s out for some food, but someone is out for him. Starring Tom, April and Pat.

Sadly, this poor, hungry Zombie is also a Hollywood stereotype Zombie, which means that, instead of being able to walk to a nearby restaurant and order something tasty, he has to shamble around on a broken foot until he finds a person to snack upon. Still, he tries to make the best of it, finding someone who is already dead (and thus going to waste) to eat, until the savage and unfair twist ending.

Poor Hollywood Zombie.

There’s a certain sad tone to the movie that keeps this from straying into Living Supremacist territory, but we’re still talking about your ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ scenario, which we see over and over again here at the ZRC, so I’ve decided that I have to give this film, even though it tries for a tiny bit of Undead sympathy, the Anti-Zombie rating.

Hunger can be tragic.

Maybe next time we’ll see something a bit more Zombie Friendly from these folks.

Tip of the hat to BuyZombie for this one.

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