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Walking Dead Branches Out to Videogames? Valve Must Not Be Happy Right About Now

News from the rumor mill suggests that Kirkman’s Anti-Zombie magnum opus may soon take on videogame form:

1UP is reporting that Telltale Games sent them a mysterious invitation to an event where they will be announcing a video game “based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it.” OK, this doesn’t outright say that it’s Walking Dead, but that description sounds a hell of a lot like WD, plus we can’t think of any other show that is changing life as we know it — that started as a comic.


We can’t wait for the scene when the player has to (spoiler) chase around your undead daughter and pull out all of her zombie teeth so you can keep her decaying carcass hidden inside your apartment. Because you still love her! And you know, for points!

Yes. Or how about the several dozen hours of gameplay where you sit around badly fortified locations and squander your time and resources on petty feuds with the rest of your party, who are all basically three cans short of a six-pack to begin with.

On another note entirely, does io9 just recruit Anti-Zombie bigots exclusively now, or is it me? Honestly? Meredith, you are one sick, sick puppy.

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