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Zombie Riding a Unicorn Cake Sends Mixed Messages

Just take a look at this bizarre and colorful cake featuring Zombies, a robot AND a unicorn:

Blurry but fantasmagorical

I mean, it has a Robot and a Zombie riding a Unicorn. Awesome, right?

Well.. look closer at the front of the cake:


Isn’t that tragic? Everyone else on the cake is off having fun and this poor fellow, cut in half, can’t get a helping hand?

I’m sorry but that really spoils the mood for me. Couldn’t someone give that cake Zombie a boost?

So on the one hand we like seeing a cake with Zombies not chowing down on Living people, sure, but this cake is also just a bit too sad for any party the ZRC wants to attend, and definitely doesn’t promote Zombie Solidarity the way we’d prefer.

More images at io9, naturally.

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