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More ‘Pranksters’ Mess with Road Signs to Spread Fear of Zombies

That, and better security on the signs themselves, I suppose:

For several hours early Monday morning, motorists driving south on Foothills Parkway in Boulder received an unnerving warning from an electric road-construction sign: “Zombies ahead.”

Zombie-loving hackers have been breaking into programmable electronic road signs across the country for years and posting the warning about the fictional horror characters. Some include additional instructions such as “Run!”

Padilla said motorists won’t see any more zombie warnings at projects he’s overseeing. “We are putting locks on them as we speak.”

If only it were that simple, Mr. Padilla. As we’ve documented here at the ZRC Blog, these miscreants and fearmongers will sometimes go so far as to break locks to spread their divisive message, even aiming it at children.

Don’t assume your signs will be safe and henceforth only display relevant road condition-related messages. The shadowy network of sign saboteurs and Zombie haters is out there, and they apparently have access to bolt cutters.

In the meantime, good job, mainstream press, treating yet another hate crime as a basically harmless prank. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

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