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What’s the Matter with Kansas? Living Supremacism, Apparently.

| January 11, 2013

(Naturally, the ZRC does not mean to condemn all Kansans for the actions of a distasteful few; the title is a reference to the famous and hotly-debated political work, ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas’ by Thomas Frank) A story came into the ZRC’s inbox a while back about an Anti-Zombie militia in Kansas and it [...]

The 21st is Neither the ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ Nor the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

| December 19, 2012

Folks, there’s a lot of loose talk out there about some ‘Apocalypse’ or other coming up on the 21st, and the ZRC is here to tell you: Zombies will not be involved. Seriously. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Actual Mayans have something to say about this silly calendar doomsday [...]

ZRC Rapid Response: Joss Whedon’s ‘Zomney’ Video

| October 29, 2012

The Zombie Rights Campaign has addressed the issue of Anti-Zombie bias in Joss Whedon’s work before, but I have to admit I didn’t think Mr. Whedon would air his Living Supremacist dirty laundry again in such a high-profile fashion, especially in a naked attempt to influence a major election. But he has. So let’s talk [...]

On Zombie ‘Parodies’

| October 10, 2012

This short list of Zombie ‘parodies’ came to the ZRC today and, while we’re always happy to see alternative takes on the Differently Animated (in the hopes that they will encourage the general public to re-evaluate their stance on Zombie Rights), the ZRC has to object a bit here. Zombies aren’t something you can parody, [...]

Cracked.Com Posts Photoshop Contest About Trials and Tribulations of the Undead

| October 2, 2012

We’ve had more than a few heated (if, so-far, one-sided) disagreements with over their depictions of the Differently Animated. However when they turn the topic over to their fans a somewhat more nuanced take emerges. Example: a recent photoshop contest where the readers were challenged to illustrate the problems facing Zombies in everyday life: [...]

Don’t Say the Zed Word: ‘Zombie Debt Collections’

| August 9, 2012

I think that no one thing shows the Anti-Zombie bias of the press quite as vividly as their penchant for labeling any negative phenomenon ‘Zombie’ of late. Case in point, and a new one on the ZRC: ‘Zombie Debt Collections’, referring to debt being collected, seemingly erroneously, on behalf of a company that doesn’t exist [...]

Zombies Counterprotest Westboro Baptist Church

| July 30, 2012

You know, Zombies catch an awful lot of flack from the usual suspects in the press: stereotypes about brain-devouring, Living-slaughtering and a (supposed) lack of intelligence and humanity. But, I’ll have you point out, they don’t go around picketing funerals, like the, ahem, people from the Westboro Baptist Church. Who’ve become justifiably infamous as, well, [...]

More Abuse of Term ‘Zombie’

| July 16, 2012

Really, we’ve come to expect a lot of shallow, uninteresting bashing of the Undead, often simply by using words for Undead individuals (like, and most commonly, ‘Zombie’) to describe anything and everything you don’t personally care for. Latest example, more ‘Zombie’ lies/mistruths/distortions in politics. This time about Medicaid, apparently. I’m not hugely interested, for ZRC [...]

Become a Zombie for.. Tax Purposes?

| July 9, 2012

In the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ series there is a minor rockstar character named Hotblack Desatio who spends time ‘dead for tax purposes’, a sort of tax exile where the legal status of being ‘deceased’ saves you money that would otherwise go to the government. I bring this up because, in a roundabout way, [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign at the Zombie March Chicago (2012)

| June 17, 2012

We, your humble staffers from The Zombie Rights Campaign, embarked on a bold adventure yesterday into the very heart of Chicago to witness a stirring outing and show of solidarity amongst the Chicago-area Undead community and their allies. You know, by going to the Chicago Zombie March. It was a great event, and I have [...]