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Zombie Wizard T-Shirt Is Fine with Us

Just a quick update to show you a shirt that for once we don’t have to condemn. I know, I know!

Buy Zombie pointed us toward this very 80s metal album cover-esque Zombie Shadow Mage shirt:

It’s not often that you hear about zombie ‘mages’ which is actually kind of surprising. The official description does mention dungeons and dragons and zombies go hand in hand with ‘necromancers’ who bring the dead back to life. It’s a mix that is so rare yet should be seen more often so two thumbs up for someone who once upon a time, a lifetime ago, was a fan of the fantasy genre.

Very true, Buy Zombie’s own Stuart Connover! Zombies are indeed sometimes the heirs to powerful secrets of magic and necromancy, as well as the usual modern litany of ‘virus, virus, space radiation, Trioxin’ that we hear so much about. I cannot tell our readers how many times we’ve had to remind people at conventions that not all Zombies are the result of some virus, not all Zombies need to eat flesh, and certainly not all Zombies like to eat brain; it’s a Sisyphean labor we engage in, educating the public.

So having a spiffy shirt that shows a Zombie necromancer in a positive, dare I say ‘radical’ depiction? That makes it easier! You could just point to the shirt, say, ‘Zombie Necromancer’, and blow some Romero/Kirkman occluded minds.

ZRC readers also know we love it when Zombie Friendly products support good causes, and are made with high quality material, so check this out: it’s printed upon an American Apparel shirt too.

Just like our shirts are.

Ahh. Supporting a friendlier and more positive Zombie image while also supporting fair wages in the clothing industry. Truly, this shirt feels like a kindred spirit to our own designs.

Now, I know just from poking around the larger site that Zombie Licorice, the publisher of this fine garment, is not the Zombie Friendliest organization. Still, we should give credit where it’s due; George Romero made Creepshow, and Zombie Licorice made this delightful shirt. If you’re in the market for something a little bit hair metal and a whole lot Zombie, they can hook you up.

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