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Think Geek’s Attempt to Defame the Differently Animated – With Plushies

The hits keep on coming from known Anti-Zombie merchant Think Geek, who apparently now sell ‘Electronic Horror’ plush dolls in both an Anti-Zombie *and* an Anti-Vampire form:

These delightful monster plush are very, very hungry. After being undead for ages without a snack, who wouldn’t be?

Let Count Suckula dine on your blood and he makes realistic drinking noises. Or feed our cuddly Zombie Plush one of your unused appendages and he’ll be very appreciative with lip smacking chomping sounds. When each monster is finished dining, remove them from your body and they moan with delight at how delicious you are.

Just observe the loaded and inflammatory language here, the repeated use of the word ‘monster’, how the toys are referred to as ‘horrors’. I mean really; this is grossly unfair. As the Think Geek staffers themselves acknowledge, it’s not fair to hold a little hunger against these Differently Animated dolls if they haven’t had a bite to eat in ages; you’d get pretty hungry yourself I imagine. It’s also hard to see how plush toys could victimize anyone, and far be it from the ZRC to get all judgmental if someone wants to donate a little spare blood or flesh to a hungry Undead doll. It’s a weird hobby, but we’ve seen far worse. Consenting adults and all that.

Just look at this violent propagandistic commercial they made to show off the toys attacking the Think Geek staff:

Now, I ask you, are these dolls attacking the Think Geek workers because they’re hungry, or Undead, or is it because they got sick of being called ‘monster’ or ‘horror’? Consider their point of view; this isn’t some random cube farm, this is the stronghold of the oppressor we’re dealing with.

I for one find the adorable plush Zombie and Vampire far more sympathetic, and want to hear their side of things before jumping to any conclusions, Youtube video or no. In the meantime, for shame on Think Geek for once again debasing and insulting the Differently Animated just to make a quick buck. For shame.

Thanks to Buy Zombie for the tip.

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