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Zombie Dress Up But for a Good Cause

A story where peoples’ hearts are in the right place, I suppose, but a bit of education could be in order:

Scores of the rotting undead shambled out from the newly blossoming trees of Columbia Park in Kennewick sometime after 3:30 p.m., spattered with blood and hungering for human flesh. They moaned a chilling cry for “braaaiiiiinnnnssss” as they marched through the park in a loose column.

Still-human survivors ran for their lives. Some climbed trees, where zombies clawed at their dangling feet.

It was the stuff of nightmares.

It also was a unique way for a local couple to gather their friends, dress up in horrific costumes and raise nonperishable food donations for people in need.

The ZRC approves of Zombie related charity. Very much so, in fact.

We also approve of Living people taking a chance to walk a mile in the shoes of a Zombie, so to speak, by dressing up as one in, say, a Zombie Walk.. so long as it’s tasteful and respectful of the feelings of actual Zombies.

It doesn’t sound like this event really meets that latter criteria, unfortunately. On the other hand, they did arrange a Zombie-themed event as part of a charitable drive, so we can’t be entirely hard on them here at the ZRC; like I said above, their hearts were probably in the right place, they just weren’t cognizant enough of the plight of the Differently Animated.

Next time, might I suggest printing off some of our fine informational pamphlets and making it not just a fun get-together, but a learning experience too?

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