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Is Dungeons and Dragons Lifeist?

I’m going to go through the source books we own in more detail soon, but just from the start of this 4th edition campaign the Technical Director and I are engaged in, it definitely seems so. Many character classes start off with, or can eventually obtain, powerful anti-undead spells and abilities. And these are the designated ‘hero’ types. Why, I ask, are Zombies held in such ill repute?

The ZRC will have to purchase some additional materials. I’m pretty sure there are entire supplemental volumes dealing with undead ‘Monsters’ that can be dropped into campaigns for the players to vanquish. Yet, among the races characters can play, there is not one undead species? Why, I ask? You have room for Dragon-like mammals and half-orcs, but not a Zombie? Or are you, Wizards of the Coast, saying that all undead are inherently evil?

Actually, I bet they are, what with that wacky Alignment system of theirs.

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