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So it turns out that in Dungeons and Dragons there is a non-villainous class of undead, called Revenants. They serve the death goddess, who, in 4th Edition terms, is neither good nor evil (like, one would suppose, death itself).

Really, they’re less of a ‘race’ than a class, a sort of profession that a character can fall into, like being a rogue or a paladin or what not. Still, I know if my character ever dies, I can bring them back as a non-shambling, not-automatically-evil Undead character, and that’s progress.

I still need to get ahold of the Undead monster supplements to document all the lifeist prejudice within, however. You should see the stuff on kid zombies that I remember reading in the game store. Uggh. Not all child undead are like Gabe from Pet Sematary!

Just look at Tim. He’s adorable and non-violent. Would never dream of cutting your Achilles tendon.

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