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New ‘Call of the Dead’ Poster Puts George Romero at Forefront of Anti-Zombie Videogame – Literally

We’ve been awash in ‘Call of the Dead’ info recently, and today is no exception, as a poster for the upcoming game has come the ZRC’s way and we think it’s important to share in order to fully explain the significance. At the same time however, we respect other peoples’ intellectual property, so here, have a taste and go to the original site for the full thing.

George Romero as a 'Zombie'

What’s interesting about this poster for us here at the ZRC is how Mr. Romero is shamelessly putting himself forward as the lead agent of the Anti-Zombie media here, claiming his arguably rightful place at the forefront of not just Anti-Zombie film, but videogames as well. Developer Treyarch has gone out of their way to pay homage to the master of Undead Hate with this expansion, and Mr. Romero is apparently more than happy to combine forces, so long as Zombies end up victimized one way or another.

It’s despicable, but at least now he’s stepped out from behind the camera and taken a very public, very visible role. This may make it easier to bring the negative attention his antics deserve upon the man himself, rather than just at his body of work.

From Game Rant via Daily Dead.

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4 Responses to “New ‘Call of the Dead’ Poster Puts George Romero at Forefront of Anti-Zombie Videogame – Literally”

  1. v10011011 says:

    I respectfully disagree. I am a huge call of duty fan, and have enjoyed many hours of gameplay in all the zombie levels to date and foresee many hours of play in call of the dead. I do not think that the previous levels or the new one are anti-zombie in the least. I feel they celebrate all that is zombie. True, the objective is to re-kill (or de-kill maybe?) as many zombies as possible; but, the driving theme of the levels is that the zombies always win out in the end. No matter how good you are, you eventually fall to the clawing hands and tearing teeth of the undead horde. What better celebration of the “living-challenged” could there be?

    with respect to the dead and undead alike,

  2. John Sears says:

    Actually the ZRC finds the stereotype that Zombie ‘victory’ in a war against the Living is almost inevitable to be an extremely harmful one, because it motivates the public, and even professionals in various fields, to advocate pre-emptive strikes against the Undead population based on the supposed impossibility of peaceful coexistence.

    See this for an example of how these flawed assumptions, based in part upon media like Call of the Dead, can lead to dangerous and prejudiced policy prescriptions:

  3. ZombieDuty says:

    If you actually own the poster then i suggest you put it under some bright lights for a little bit and then find a dark room to look at it in. It has a very pro-zombie surprise.

  4. John Sears says:

    Sadly I don’t have a copy for the ZRC’s archives myself, so I cannot take your advice. Thank you for informing us of a potential pro-Zombie hidden message though!

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