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‘Dawn of the Dead’ Mall Map a Bit Confusing

The Horror Society folks pointed us toward this map of the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ mall, and I have to admit to a bit of puzzlement:

Poor Zombies, excluded.

First of all, it’s tragic to see the poor Zombies excluded from the mall, as they so often are thanks to George Romero popularizing the segregationist practice.

Secondly though, if you go to the original site and view their larger graphic, you can see that this mall features some odd stores.. Hot Topic, Boscov’s, etc.

The first Hot Topic was opened in 1988, so this is obviously not Romero’s ‘Dawn’ mall… and Boscov’s is apparently only located on the East Coast and Pennsylvania, so it’s not Zach Snyder’s Wisconsin ‘Dawn’ mall either.

I guess it could be a statement about how Zombies are cruelly excluded from retail establishments in general. My suspicion, however, is that the designers at BrickHut wanted to make a mall map from ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and didn’t quite sweat the details.

Yes, btw, I am very anal-retentive on almost anything Zombie-related, why do you ask?

Man I need to get out more. Maybe hit a Zombie Walk, get some sunshine.

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