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Zombie Law School and ZRC Updates

| February 1, 2014

I have started the second semester of my second year at law school, and am busy learning things to advance the cause of Zombie Rights (I hope). I have taken all my required Constitutional Law classes, which are of obvious import, but everything could have implications for the Differently Animated, at least to my so-far-relatively-inexperienced [...]

Zombie Friendly Artist Profile: George Pfau

| November 9, 2013

The Zombie Rights Campaign has been aware of the work of artist George Pfau for a while now, but we have been remiss in bringing him to your attention, and it’s time to rectify that. Mr. Pfau is a Living Artist, who works in Zombie Art. This in and of itself is not so surprising. [...]

Corporate Logos, ‘Re-Imagined for the Zombie Apocalypse’

| December 11, 2012

I’m not sure about the likelihood of major corporate re-branding during any ‘Apocalypse’; it seems like they’d have better things to do than roll out an ad campaign in the midst of a national crisis. Then again, American Apparel was stupid enough to do just that for Hurricane Sandy, so perhaps my suspicion is unwarranted? [...]

Cracked.Com Posts Photoshop Contest About Trials and Tribulations of the Undead

| October 2, 2012

We’ve had more than a few heated (if, so-far, one-sided) disagreements with over their depictions of the Differently Animated. However when they turn the topic over to their fans a somewhat more nuanced take emerges. Example: a recent photoshop contest where the readers were challenged to illustrate the problems facing Zombies in everyday life: [...]

Kickstarter for Napoleonic Age Zombie Adventure?

| August 22, 2012

I have to admit to a general ignorance of the historical fiction genre. There have been quite a few period Zombie stories of late, but most are copying the ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ trend and consist of mashups of varying amounts of original writing splashed in amongst public-domain classics. Which was an original idea.. [...]

Sneak-Peek at Zombie Bohemia – The Series

| August 4, 2012

Friends, it seems that some additional incentive is needed to support the ‘Zombie Bohemia – The Series’ Kickstarter campaign. Frankly I’m not sure why, but then I got to see the short film on the big screen so I’m a bit biased. Maybe people need a taste of what they’d be supporting? Well fortunately for [...]

Hey, Zombie Allies: Support ‘Zombie Bohemia’ The Series!!!

| July 19, 2012

The ZRC loved Zombie Bohemia. I mean, seriously loved it. A Zombie Friendly story about an Undead *artist* struggling to make an Unliving in the hyper-competitive Fine Arts world? And a cast and crew open to constructive criticism and advice from the Undead Rights Movement? Excellent. Now you, lucky Zombie Rights Allies of the Internet, [...]

Undead Doughnut Sculpture?

| May 28, 2012

Seriously, this is as much Odd as it is Anti-Zombie: Night of the Living Doughnuts! Mr. Jimmies was a mild mannered doughnut, just doing his regular shift at the greasy spoon diner. One fateful night a police officer staggers in… green, incoherent, mumbling. Before Jimmies could get out a concerned “May I help you Sir!?” [...]

‘Zombie Research Society’ Debuts Cool (But Still Troublesome) Zombie Poster

| March 9, 2012

It’s well-known that we don’t get along with the ‘Zombie Research Society’ here at The Zombie Rights Campaign; their ‘research’ is geared toward hurting the Undead, and they certainly don’t want Zombies to have rights. Which, to be clear, is a bigoted and offensive position to take. Meanies. This poster they’ve commissioned for their Undead-bashing [...]

‘Z Magazine’, a Magazine Written BY Zombies, For Zombies? Well, Kind of…

| February 28, 2012

We’ve been trying to advance a Zombie Friendly perspective here for some time at the ZRC, imagining, and of course working toward, a more integrated, peaceful future for both the Living and the Undead. And of course, since we live in a consumer-oriented, capitalist society, that will undoubtedly involve marketing and selling products FOR Zombies. [...]