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Zombie Triage Shirt (A ZRC Review)

Oh how long it can be between Zombie Friendly products the ZRC gets to review, and how precious they are to us after a long day defending the Differently Animated from Vitality-Normative ideas, ideas like ‘A person has to have a heartbeat’ or ‘Undead people belong in cemeteries, right?’

Wrong. Just wrong!

Fortunately those Zombie Friendly products do come along, like this fine t-shirt:

Nice design, even the flatline seems easy-going.

Zombie Triage We care for the living impaired. walk-ins welcomed

Now, *technically*, that term, ‘living impaired’? It’s a no-no. ‘Undead’ isn’t impaired anything – these fine individuals are just, simply, Undead, or Differently Animated if you like.

Still, look at the tolerance and friendliness on display here. This shirt proclaims that not only are you open to good relations with the Differently Animated, you’re happy to lend a helping hand and medical attention!

That’s outstanding, and well-worthy, in spite of the slight verbal faux pas, of a Zombie Friendly rating from the ZRC.

A really nice design with a positive message.

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