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Pennsylvania Theme Park Offers Zombies the Separate But Equal Treatment

Here at The ZRC we’re big backers of public events celebrating the Undead and allowing them to gather in large numbers in safety (at least, assuming Tom Savini isn’t lurking nearby). However, we cannot lend our approval to the establishment of a ‘separate-but-equal’ treatment of the Differently Animated, where Zombies are welcome to spend their hard-earned money at your establishment, but only when the regular, Living customers/patrons/what not won’t have to see their Undead co-citizens around.

Thus we have to sadly condemn what could have been a fun and inclusive event for the Living and Undead alike with a bit more care and sensitivity:

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is opening its gates to the undead for ONE NIGHT ONLY!
But make it a day – gates open at 10am for humans, so come early and take full advantage of BOTH Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom!

Our Zombie Base Camp (right inside the park’s grounds) will open at 5pm, offering Zombie Makeovers from talented makeup artists for a nominal fee; or you can bring your own supplies and get ready in the Base Camp.

(you ticket will allow you reentry – so you can run your supplies, etc back to your car before the Zombie Invasion at 8pm)

At 7pm the park will close to the public but you can gather with other
zombies in the base camp until 8pm – when the Zombie Invasion will begin! In addition to all the rides in Dorney Park, there will be live music,
zombified food specials, two Chickie & Pete beer gardens and more!

THIS EVENT IS ALL AGES – so bring the entire undead family!

Zombie Invasion tickets are just $25 and include ALL DAY admission to Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom (normal price – $44!)

Oh, we see how it is. Sure, Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom wants to take money from Zombie patrons, as well as greenfaced Living customers, but should a Zombie want to attend in the bright light of daytime? Tough luck, Mr. Zombie, you can’t come inside – even through the service entrance at the back. Zombie families can play at the park, but only after dark; sorry little Zombie Billy, you’re not wanted during the day when people might see you.

Isn’t it just terrible to see this sort of segregation and prejudice in this day and age? We think so, here at The Zombie Rights Campaign.

For shame, Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom. For shame.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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